Welcome to the Salmon Genome Project Download Page

This website contains data from the Lien et al. 2016, Nature paper entitled "The Atlantic salmon genome provides insights into rediploidization".

The data contained here was used in the duplication count analysis and interacting partner co-retention analysis.

Gene Family Database

  • Salmon gene families (include teleost species)

    Duplication Analysis Script

  • Salmon_Duplication_Analysis.pl

  • Gene classification file

  • Teleost species tree

  • Salmon Blast Hits

    Interacting Partners Co-Retention Analysis

  • STRING_RetentionCounter.pl

  • Salmon Binding Partners

  • Proteins that did not have zebrafish homolog

  • Proteins that did not have a STRING partner

  • Ss4R duplicate retention results

  • List of genes removed due to low homology

    The work done on this project was performed by Russell Hermansen and Dr. David Liberles. This website is maintained by the Liberles Research Group. If you have any questions or comments about the data distributed here please contact Dr. David Liberles.

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