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This is the TreeThrasher Software Home Page. This page contains links to TreeThrasher and related software. It also contains the Installation Guide and Manual.

TreeThrasher is used to visualize phylogenetic trees (both the species tree and gene trees) within the TAED Database and is necessary to install to properly use TAED. It can also be used as a standalone package for viewing any phylogenetic tree.

Tree Thrasher is a three-dimensional phylogenetic tree viewing software. It allows the user to view any tree, but large, cumbersome trees become easy to manipulate and study. All trees are presented in three-dimensional space, each tree can be manipulated and rotated in various ways to view specific clades or study particular interactions. Every tree in The Adaptive Evolution Database (TAED) will be automatically opened with Tree Thrasher once the program is installed by the user. Tree Thrasher is a free program developed by the Liberles group. It has been tested to work with Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 7, and Windows Vista. In the Windows environment, the user simply double clicks the Tree Thrasher icon to launch to program.

Tree Thrasher also works in a Linux environment. Both OpenGL and Wine must be previously installed for Tree Thrasher to work successfully in the Linux environment. Ubuntu 11.04 is a Linux package that, under the default installation, installs both OpenGL and Wine. Once both are installed, the user simply types wine TreeThrasher.exe in the command line and the program will launch.

For any other installation issues, please see the Tree Thrasher user manual (pdf) below.

TreeThrasher Displaying the Chordate Species Tree.