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TAED Dowload Page

Download TAED database

MySQL TAED Database

This download contains the MySQL TAED database. It was last updated on November 10, 2016.

MySQL TAED Database

TAED Raw Flat Files

This download contains all of the TAED raw flat files. The TAED gene family is indexed based on a unique TAED gene family identifier. File extensions are as follows: .PROTEIN (protein fasta file), .interleaved (alignment file), .tree (phylogenetic tree), .paml_rooted (PAML free-ratio analysis), .RecTree (gene tree / species tree reconciliation).

TAED Flat Files


There is a public API to the TAED Database, allowing the fetching of alignment and tree data from the database. Queries can be based on gene, species, or KEGG information, and filtered according to taxa and selection status. Documentation and examples can be found on the given page.

TAED API Information