Broader Impacts of NSF Grant, "Beyond dN/dS: Population genetics, Genome structure, and Protein Structure" (Award DBI-1515704)

Videos and Tutorials on Computational Comparative Genomics

This site is a work in progress and will be updated as additional material becomes available.

One video is currently available and will be embedded here soon. It can currently be watched through either the American Museum of Natural History Website or through youtube. This video is more focused on the natural history side of molecular adaptation in vampire bats. Three additional videos are being produced and are released below in preliminary form. The final versions of these videos will be released when available.

A series of four power point popular science introductory tutorials has been produced and is available for download below.
Tutorial 1: Eukaryotic Genome Structure
Tutorial 2: The Basics of Molecular Biology
Tutorial 3: Gene Duplication
Tutorial 4: Pipelines for Computational Analysis (Bioinformatics)

Three tutorial videos are being produced for this site. They are currently available in draft form (comments and feedback welcome; email David Liberles) and will be released here and on youtube in final form when ready. These videos include interviews with David Liberles and Belinda Chang (University of Toronto) coupled to reference slides. Refinement of the video presentations is a work in progress.
1. Genomes and Molecular Biology Draft Video
2. Evolutionary Bioinformatics Draft Video
3. Molecular Evolution Draft Video

Please refer all questions about these tutorials to David Liberles.

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